As the sun peaked over the hills and the fog was rested in the gully, we witnessed a beautiful Pink & Purple sunrise! This is one of the many joys of living in the country, the other is visiting our local farmers market! Today was the day for the monthly Warragul Farmers Market. So off we toddled, bright and early, pups in tow, to check out what goodies we could find!

The Warragul Farmers Market is a monthly affair that generally is sprawled across Civic Park. Each month trusted farmers, makers and bakers make their way down to the market to sell off their delicious goods.

The first thing that we always try and do when we get to the Market is make a bee-line to find the Croissant Lady, to find Something for Pudding! She makes the most divine croissants, that always seem to sell out well and truly before we get there! But today we were in luck, Pistachio & Rose Water was the flavour of choice this morning! And we were not disappointed! To accompany our fresh croissants, we stopped in at the String + Salt stall to get some delicious chai! The perfect breakie for a icy cold Gippsland morning!

Once breakfast was sorted, we wandered up and down the market and collected our veggies along with some delicious Cannibal Creek Bakehouse bread for the week ahead! The beauty of living in the country is that there is always am abundance of locally grown organic produce up for grabs! As we drove home, we started brainstorming on what we could make for lunch! (We’re always thinking about food!) We knew we wanted to incorporate some of the newly bought goodies along with some of things that we had growing in the garden at home (with no supermarket intervention)!


Lunch from the Market

Friorelli & Dill freshly picked from our garden

We give you our Farmer’s Market Lunch!




– 4 Free Range eggs from Glorious Googies

– 5 Seed Sourdough Loaf from Cannibal Creek Bakehouse

– A Bowl of Friorelli (Barassica Rapa) from our garden

– Dill from our garden

– Lemons from our neighbours (Thanks Baz & Dano)

– Swiss Brown Mushrooms from Gippsland Mushrooms

– Carrots from Thorpdale Organics

– Butter



We work as a team when cooking up a storm, Andy is definitely the chef in the house, whilst I clean up behind him and help out, like a good apprentice chef does! First things first was to make the hollandaise using the Thermomix Hollaindaise recipe, no fail, works everytime (unless you’re a hack like me and still can’t make an automated recipe work!).

Next step was to get the water boiling to poach the eggs in, whilst Andy slightly wilted the Friorelli  in lemon juice and brine from the capers. Andy then dry fried up some of those stunning Swiss Brown mushrooms and quickly tossed some thinly sliced carrots in the pan with a touch of cumin (our favourite spice!).

I was on toast duty, making sure that it wasn’t undercooked, nor overcooked, but simply just right! Taking this job seriously, I also kept an eye on the eggs as they were poaching!
Once all elements of the dish were ready, Andy channeled his inner Francis Mallman, to plate up! Voila, Lunch is served!


Short of growing all our own produce, which we know is as fresh and organic as it gets. A great addition to some of our (may we say so ourselves) fabulous meals we love to pick up fresh produce from one of the many great Gippsland Farmers Markets! Above all, your local farmers market, is a wealth of nutrition and is a fantastic way to support and be involved in your local community! The simple act of getting out of the house and incorporating a market visit into our weekly routine, is a great way of life! We love stopping along the way and chatting to whoever may cross our paths! You never know what fascinating people and things that you may learn straight from the source! It’s also a great way to find out whether or not your favourite vendors sell from the farm gate!

Did you visit your local Famers market today?
What are your favourite things to pick up at the market?

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