When was the last time that you felt truly alive? Can you think back to when your senses were in tune, you felt the cool breeze on your face, you felt a natural rush of energy?

So often, in our busy lives, we get totally caught up with what we are doing, whether that’s work and/or looking after your family. We often forget to drink water, to breathe, to move and to get outside.

We as human beings, are made up of energy, just like plants (bare with me). We are made up of vibrations, energy. If you think about it we are like plants, without the roots. We start as a teeny tiny seed with good intentions. With nutrition, water and air we grow into our true selves. But somewhere along the lines we get so caught up in the ‘busyness’ of our lives that we forget what got us here.

Here’s a little experiment for you!

Inspired by Mary Reynolds Thompson. Dedicate a few hours this week to going outside. This could be taking the kids to the park, going for a bushwalk, swimming in the ocean, or simple pottering around in the garden. Fill your drink bottle, leave your phone out of reach and really be present on where you are and what you are doing. Try and escape as deep into nature, as you can! Breathe in the air around you, feel the gentle breeze on your skin, embrace the elements, rain, hail or shine, and really make note of your senses.

What can you smell? Is there a particular scent in the air? Can you hear birds chirping or the crashing of the waves on the shore? Soak in every minute detail of where you are. Be truly present. Follow your kids lead, they are great teachers (they haven’t lost it yet). When you get home, take a moment to notice how you feel. Observe your children, and how they are behaving, and ask them what they feel? What emotions are present?

Now the second part of this experiment is to go to a shopping center or maybe even just at your desk at work. Notice the smells, the sounds, the emotions that this evokes. Make note of how the people around you are, what sort of energy are they giving off? When you get home sit down and take a moment to compare these 2 experiences.

What do you notice?

Was it that being outside, in nature, totally disconnected from technology, you felt a new sort of connection? Did your senses come alive? When you got home, did you notice a lasting effect?

We have taken note from our experiences and we both felt totally grounded, alive and connected after spending time outside. We took time to notice the small things; the way the light hit the leaves, the smell of the pine needles under foot after the soft rain.

After being at work in front of a computer, or at the shopping center, we felt drained, scattered and a little bit blurry.

Feeling alive in nature is natural! And the best part is that it’s free!

We hope that this has inspired you to put your phone aside, to grab a bottle of water and to go outside and to breathe in all that our wonderful earth has to offer.

This is why we love our garden and our way of living. We are gently nudged to get amongst nature everyday, to tend to our seeds, water our food and to embrace all the Mother Nature has on offer. To garden, is to take note of what Mother Earth is doing, the shift in seasons, the weather, the way the earth gives life to new beings, plant or otherwise.

If you felt a positive shift from being outside in nature, why not reconsider your backyard? What can you do to bring nature to your back door step?

When was the last time you felt alive?!?

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