I am simply not a morning person, I roll out of the wrong side of bed on a daily basis. Upon landing my feet on the ground with auto pilot already in motion, I’m looking for my morning pick me up, Coffee! But really, is this the best answer? After an early night and a good nights sleep, why is it that I already need a pick me up first thing! Is it coffee that is picking me up or is it simply bringing me back to normal! Now don’t get me wrong, this post is not going be hating on coffee, because we do love a good brew! But do we really need coffee first thing? Shouldn’t we be fueling our bodies for the day with something a little more nutritious?

Both caffeine and calcium, the 2 key ingredients of  my morning coffee, both have negative effects on vitamin absorption. Iron, Vitamin D & B-Vitamins, all which are feel good nutrients, are replaced by a temporary caffeine fix. So, how do we incorporate this nutrition into our morning ritual, and if we still have the craving for a coffee, when’s the best time to have it?


Juice isn’t a new thing, it’s in every shopping center, health & wellness magazine and a staple of some of those fad diets. Most juices that you purchase from the supermarket will have been highly processed, regardless of their fancy labels, key-words and marketing.

So what is the trick to getting nutrients from our juice and into our bodies? It’s not so much a trick, it’s more about knowing your ingredients and what they have to offer you. When it comes to juicing pretty much all organic fruit and vegetables are superb. When you add up the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients and all the good things that take refuge in fresh organic produce, you end up with a powerful and super nutritious drink.

Fruit juices are really tasty, but they are also full of a lot of natural sugars, so it makes sense to utilize more vegetables than fruit when making our super-juices. One of our favourite juices at the moment inspired by Matthew Kenney, the world’s leading plant-based chef, incorporates Beetroot, Lemons, Pineapple, Cucumber, Strawberries, Mint & Ginger. Beetroot are known for their powerful blood and liver cleansing properties and are full to the brim with iron (and quiet possibly could be the fountain of youth). Combined with hydrating properties and silica content of cucumbers, alkalizing lemon, calming mint, warming digestive ginger and the enzymatic properties of pineapple. The other key ingredient is good quality water! We use filtered water, to ensure that the integrity of our ingredients aren’t destroyed in the process!

A super juice like this easily replaces my morning coffee! It is not only a pick me up, but its the perfect fuel to get through the day. As all the raw ingredients have blended together, it makes for a much more digestible and efficiently absorbing fuel. Juice revs up my body & mind, helps wake me up and tackle the day ahead. With the cleansing properties and wide range of nutrients available in fruit and vegetables, raw organic juice is the perfect way to start every day.

As I said before, I do still love a good coffee, nothing better than a good brew. But it’s no longer where I look to for energy or nutrition, not a part of my morning ritual. So after reading this, are you inspired to try making a juice instead of a coffee? Or maybe you already do, we’d love to know your favourite recipes!

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