We awoke on Sunday, to a dreary Autumn morning with no plans ahead. Andy suggested that we go out foraging for some breakfast! He was dreaming of Pine Mushrooms, the nutty divine prize that would await at the end of our foraging mission. So we jumped out of bed, got dressed and put the dogs in the car, to head off on our foraging mission. Andy knows of a local secret spot, which is perfect at this time of the year for Pine Mushrooms.

As soon as we arrived at our destination, the grass was covered in the distinctive orange mushrooms. We grabbed the bucket and headed off into the forest to see what else we could find. It didn’t take us long to fill the bucket with plenty of mushrooms for breakfast (and a few other meals to follow). Lactarius deliciosus, also known as Pine Mushrooms are everywhere at this time of the year! They are under Pine trees, hence the name, and are easy to spot. (*Please do not pick any wild mushrooms, if you don’t know what they are! There are lots of dangerous, poisonous mushrooms out there, so you need to be extremely careful.) The nutty ‘shrooms are delicious, just as the name describes, cooked up in some butter and simply on toast.

I had never visited this hidden little gem and I was totally blown away by the beauty of this little pine forest, only a few km’s from our doorstep. Whilst Andy was off foraging for ‘shrooms I kept an eye on our puppies and the other eye through my lens to capture some shots of this gorgeous little forest. Below you can see Andy testing the Pine Mushrooms to make sure that they are the right ones that we were looking for!

Below are just some of the many shots that I took whilst we were out exploring. I have also shot some video footage in the hope I’ll be able to make a very short film of our adventure!

Do you go out foraging for food? or Pine Mushrooms? If so, do you have any favourite recipes for Pine Mushrooms?
If so we’d love to hear what you like to cook up!

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